When and How we will ship to Canada

1. For Canadian Credit Card Customers Only: For most of our products of common size and weight that will fit in a USPS Priority Mail International Flat Rate Padded Envelop, Medium or Large Flat Rate shipping box and the product cost is at least $100.00 or more , we can ship that order to Canada. The shipping rates start out at $29.99 and up.. To receive a shipping quote, just register, put your items in the shopping cart and request a Quote. Once received you will get a firm quote within 24 hours. Any duties due is the responsibility of the buyer.  

  2. For Canadian Prepaid Customers Only: We will ship most any product order of at least $100.00 or more by any means the customer request as long as we have access to that service. This option will allow many items to be shipped by the lower cost USPS First Class International. Keep in mind all title to the goods pass to the customer once shipped as this is a much slower shipping method but it is also a low cost option. Your prepaid order must be prepaid by either a Canada Post Money Order or a Bank Wire Transfer! Any duties due is the responsibility of the buyer and No Refunds or Returns. All sales are final for this type of order.